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PT. Galasari Gunung Swadaya

About Us

PT. Galasari Gunung Swadaya (PT GGS) is a subsidiary of PT. Polowijo Gosari engaged in the development of mango plantation business. GSS stands for Galasari Gunung Swadaya SMART SYSTEM, where GGS SMART SYSTEM, is a Grand Design which is prepared to deliver PT. Galasari Gunungswadaya (GGS) to become a pro-farmer who is also a pro-consumer with a fairness trade form from upstream to downstream (producer – consumer) with an ethical business concept approach that is ethically dignified and based on ethics and business systems based on professionalism.

Being a pioneer and leading in fruits trading in Indonesia with mutually beneficial approach.


  • Establish mutual cooperation with all business partners based on ethical, dignified and professional principles of cooperation, through communication and conscientious approaches, in order to maintain a sustainable and sustainable cooperation.
  • Plays an active role in improving the regional and national economy through the efforts of fruit plantation and its administration, with the approach of technology and modern information systems.
  • Serve and meet the interests of all stakeholders optimally.