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Golek Mango

Golek Mango is the type of Mango that have longer shape than other varieties. The ripe Mango Golek has green-yellowish skin with light brown dots. Young Mango Golek is also often used for Rujak, as it is not too sour and the flesh is crispy. The flesh of ripe Mango Golek is thick yet soft, not too watery and fibrous, tastes sweet and has deep yellow to orange color.

Nutrient Value

The nutrient composition of 100 gram golek mango is as follow: Vitamin A: 3.984 I.U., Vitamin B1: 0,06 mg, Vitamin B2: 0,06mg, Vitamin B3: 0,584mg, Vitamin B6: 0,134mg, Vitamin B9: 14 ug, Vitamin C: 41mg, Vitamin E: 1.120mg Ate, Beta carotene: 445 ug, Photasium :156 mg, Calcium: 10mg, Ferron: 0,13mg, phosphor: 11mg, Selniym 0,6 mcg, protein: 0,1gr, carbohydrates: 0,27gr, Lipid: 0,27gr, fibre: 1,8gr, Calorie: 65Kcal. (Source: Balai Penelitian Tanaman Buah Tropika, Indonesia)

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